Pillar I


Co-ordinator: Luca Verzichelli



1. Global Politics and International relations

Luca Verzichelli (Unisi)

This module introduces the main challenges of contemporary global politics: the introductory presentations will focus in particular on the crisis of democracy and the problems of democratization in the different areas of the globe. Moreover, a general overview on the changing perspectives of international relations will be discussed.

2. Research methods 

Linda Basile (Unisi)

The objective of the course is to introduce students to the main techniques of data collection and analysis, applicable in both academic study of humanitarian action and the humanitarian work field.

Among the various data collection techniques, students will familiarize themselves particularly with qualitative interviewing and content analysis. Moreover, students will be introduced to the basic notion of data entry and exploratory data analysis (correlation analysis).

3. Protection, International law and humanitarian action

Federico Lenzerini (Unisi)

In the current humanitarian operations the role of civilian protection became substantial to face complex emergencies and in dealing with multiple actors populating the humanitarian space. This module presents an overview of the main humanitarian approaches, in order to respond to the growing needs of unarmed civilians protections. It discusses strategies and operational practices, critically evaluating the new challenges faced by humanitarian workers and rights defenders, especially in highly volatile environments.

4. International humanitarian operations

Konstantinos Moschochoritis (INTERSOS)

This module aims at providing participants with general knowledge about strategy and management of the humanitarian intervention. It includes a variety of topics from the assessment, on developing an intervention strategy, passing through the implementation and management of the project processes with special.  Working groups and case studies are at the centre of this module.



1. Managerial techniques and methods in the humanitarian environment

Tommaso Fabbri (MSF)

This seminar offers insight on different types of management  including public sector, private sector and charities. Another important aspect of this course The seminar also  focus on managerial innovations

2. Security management

Pierangelo Isernia (Unisi)

This seminar includes risk analysis, security negotiations with different parties, and other example of security management.

3. Protection in the humanitarian environment

Andrea Contenta (MSF)

This seminar includes case studies and other example of protection in the humanitarian environment.