Pillar IV


Co-ordinator: Tommaso Fabbri



1. Health Systems and Governance
Andrea Terlizzi
This lecture introduces to principles and strategies undertaken with the objective to protect and promote the health of the people. The lecture introduces on main objective of making policies, laws, accountability, system and deploying resources to accomplish Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

1. Introduction to Global Health. Health priorities, and agenda in the humanitarian context.
Alessandro Pini
This lecture explores the meaning, scope and blurry boundaries of Global Health with a specific focus on the definition of health international priorities in health and agenda considering different perspective.

3. Introduction to Public Health in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies (CHE): a) Public health interventions in epidemics, b) rapid health risk assessment in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies (CHE).
Grazia Caleo
This course provides an integrate understanding on Public health interventions needed to respond to outbreaks and health emergencies. The lecture introduces to the components for an effective and coordinated response, concept of International Health Regulations (IHR 2005). health risk assessment and Complex Humanitarian Emergencies.


1. International response to outbreakes and epidemics.

Ettore Severi (ECDC, Stockholm)

2. Access campaingns to essential drugs

Raffaella Ravinetto (Instute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerpen)